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Asuncion Garcia, business teacher, with 7th grade entrepreneurs selling snacks during recess to fellow students

Asuncion Garcia, business teacher, with 7th grade entrepreneurs selling snacks during recess to fellow students

School-Based Small Businesses

The school operates several small agricultural businesses, including:

1. A chicken hatchery

2. Organic gardens with varieties of lettuce and herbs

3. Commercial crops such as beans, hibiscus flower and yucca

In addition, the school will partner with private-sector businesses to offer internships to students in restaurants, hotels, tourism agencies, etc. By teaching young people skills specific to the local economy, we prepare youth for employment with both the theoretical and practical experience needed to successfully return to their family farm or business, be gainfully employed or continue on to college.

Self-Sustaining School

The school is unique in that its entrepreneurial focus will be taught in the classroom as well as modeled in the school’s own operations. By operating four to six for-profit businesses, income generated will recycle back to contribute to the school’s operating costs. In five to seven years, product sales are expected to pay 100% of costs not covered by tuition, allowing the school to become self-sustaining.

Superior Quality of Christian Education

With committed, experienced teachers that are mature in their faith and can provide a Christ-centered environment of learning, discipline and individual responsibility, the school will produce the highest-quality education available.  The school focuses on teaching Christian values throughout each academic course so that students learn and reflect on these values in their lives and how they can implement the values in the life of their community.

By preparing high-school graduates to succeed, we are hopeful that lasting change occurs in the region as these future entrepreneurs become self-sufficient, learn how to use technology, demonstrate flexible skills to resolve problems, and use resources effectively to contribute to their community’s economy.   We currently have 124 students in 7th and 8th grades.  We will add a new class of 50 students each year for a total of 300 students (7th-12th grades). 

What are the Results-To-Date?

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