Opportunity is committed to the Community Economic Development Program that views our clients as equal partners, working side by side, to create sustainable transformation and growth.  In Nicaragua, Opportunity International’s agricultural work involves direct partnerships with farmers in rural communities. Our approach is a two-pronged, “field-to-market” approach through:

  • Farming loans, expert training and agronomist analysis that empower Nicaraguan farmers with the tools and knowledge to maximize the yield and quality of their harvests.
  • Opportunity-owned processing plant that adds value to a farmer’s product with connection to local, regional and international high-value markets

Opportunity focuses on leadership development and community-led initiatives through a train-the-trainer model that disseminates information, goods, and services to participating farmers efficiently using farm circles.  Farmers focus on climate-smart crops that feed the world and diversify market offerings (e.g. yucca, cassava, moringa, and plantains) and nurture their own talents, they build a brighter future for their families, communities and nation. When farmers succeed, families succeed – children are fed and enrolled in school and a community discovers its potential. To date:

  • Over 1100 farmers are receiving support from the program
  • Farmers experienced an average 30-50% increase in yields and a 35-50% increase in net income

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Food Processing Plant

Globally Recognized OI’s processing plant received SQF Certification Level 2 in 2017.

Production Lines Focus on Gluten-Free Flours and Starches and distribution of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

OI’s Plant Can Process ALL of The Farmers Harvest, (from the highest grade to lowest grade) ensuring Farmer Receives Best Price


Why Cassava (Yuca) – Improve Nutrition and Economic Development for 1 Billion Smallholder Farmers Across the Globe

Cassava is the 3rd most important source of calories in the tropics

Clean ingredient, gluten-free, NON-GMO, stress-resistant starch (R2)

Cassava can thrive despite poor soil and little water